Tonsillitis Remedies

Natural remedies are particularly effective for treating tonsillitis and preventing the need for more invasive treatment measures.  Natural cures like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and garlic can treat the underlying infection and can help prevent further complications.

What is Tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis is a condition that involves the inflammation of the tonsils. Symptoms of the condition include red, swollen tonsils, white or yellow patches on the tonsils, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, fever, enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, a scratchy or muffled voice, bad breath, stiff neck and headache. The condition is most often caused by common viruses but may be the result of bacterial infection.

Natural Remedies for Infection and Inflammation of the Tonsils

Treatments for tonsillitis focus on eliminating infection and inflammation associated with the condition. A number of natural treatments have been identified that are effective for achieving these goals of treatment. Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and garlic are among the most common and most effective natural treatment options.

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List of Remedies for Tonsillitis