Stuttering Remedies

Stuttering is a common speech disorder that involves repetition of a sound or word. While the condition typically corrects itself, some individuals experience the condition even into adulthood. Natural treatment options and therapies can assist in the treatment of the condition.

What is Stuttering?

Also called stammering, stuttering is a speech disorder characterized by the repetition of syllables or phrases, making speech choppy and difficult to understand. Individuals affected by the condition know what they want to communicate but have a difficult time actually saying it.

Common symptoms include difficulty starting a word or phrase and repetition of a specific sound, syllable or word. These symptoms may be accompanied by rapid eye blinks, tremors in the lips or jaw and tension or tightness in the face and upper body. A variation in normal speech development, inherited brain abnormalities, stroke, traumatic brain injury and mental health problems are considered contributing factors to the disorder.

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List of Remedies for Stuttering