Remedies to Treat Spleen Issues

The spleen is the organ located above the stomach and under the ribs, which is responsible for fighting infection and balancing the fluids in the body. A number of conditions can affect the spleen and, in turn, diminish overall health. Several natural supplements support spleen health and alleviate general health conditions associated with the spleen.

What are Spleen Issues?

A component of the lymphatic system, the spleen contains white blood cells that fight germs and infection. This organ also regulates the amount of blood in the body and destroys old or damaged cells. Several diseases can affect the spleen causing swelling, pain, fever and other symptoms. Common diseases that affect spleen health include mono, toxoplasmosis, Gaucher’s disease, Felty syndrome and several others.

Natural Remedies for Issues of the Lymphatic System

Treatments for spleen conditions involve elimination of infection and reduction of inflammation in the body. Several factors contribute to lymphatic health and maintaining general health but nutritional supplements are often the most effective. Blackstrap molasses, ginger and vitamin C are among the most common treatment options.

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List of Remedies for Spleen Issues