Cracked Lips Remedies

Natural treatments are very effective at healing and preventing cracked or chapped lips. Home based treatments range from home remedies like coconut oil to supplements that support healthy skin.

What Causes Cracked Lips?

The lips do not contain oil glands like most other parts of the skin or body. Without oil glands, the lips are more prone to drying out and chapping or cracking. Additional factors contribute to this drying out including cold or dry weather, lack of self-care or hygiene, overexposure to the sun and frequent licking of the lips. Certain medications and supplements may also increase the risk of developing chapped lips including retinoids, lithium, chemotherapy drugs and vitamin A. Dehydration and malnutrition also contribute to the development of chapped lips.

Home Remedies for Dry Cracked Lips

Dry cracked lips are often easily treated using home remedies. Having plenty of moisture in the body is one of the main considerations for treating chapped lips. Drinking more water, using a humidifier, applying lip balm and avoiding cold weather conditions are initial treatment options. Other effective treatments include coconut oil, glycerin, l-lysine and lanolin. Manuka honey mixed with coconut oil, mustard oil and shea butter are also effective options. Gently exfoliating the dry skin on the lips using sugar and then rehydrating them with Vaseline can also eliminate dry chapped lips. Vitamin B2 and vitamin B complex vitamins also support healthy skin.

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