Home Remedies to Treat Food Allergies

Any type of allergy is cause for concern; however, food allergies often require additional consideration as there is such a high potential for cross contamination. While you can likely keep most of your allergy symptoms at bay by avoiding trigger foods as if they were a plague, that really is no way to live. To help you better treat your allergy symptoms and even cure your sensitivities, acidophilus, apple cider vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide are three of the most effective natural cures.

What Causes Food Allergies?

Essentially, an allergy is the natural response of your body to a “foreign” substance, or at least what it deems as foreign. When you experience a food allergy, your immune system erroneously identifies a particular food or substance as something that will harm your body. As the system identifies this potential threat, it releases antibodies to neutralize the foreign substance.

This process creates an engrained response in your body. The next time you eat even a small amount of the food, the antibodies sense it, and signal the immune system. The immune system releases histamine as well as other chemicals into your bloodstream that are responsible for the allergic responses you experience. Runny nose, itchy eyes, dry or sore throat, rashes, hives, nausea, diarrhea, trouble breathing, and even anaphylactic shock are all common responses.

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List of Remedies for Food Allergies