Natural Detox Remedies for Fluoride Poisoning & Overload

Modified on Mar 10, 2024

As our awareness and understanding of the potential health risks associated with fluoride exposure increases, exploring natural remedies for fluoride poisoning becomes crucial. Before we delve into these remedies, let's first understand what fluoride poisoning is, its symptoms, and how it may manifest itself, especially in skin conditions resulting from fluoride overload.

What is Fluoride Poisoning?

Fluoride poisoning, or fluorosis, is a condition that develops due to prolonged exposure to or ingestion of excessive amounts of fluoride. This can come from various sources, including certain types of processed foods, fluoridated water, and dental products.

Understanding Fluoride: Natural Occurrence, Benefits, and Risks

Fluoride is a naturally occurring compound found in varying amounts in freshwater sources, ranging from 0.01-0.3 parts per million. In some regions, this concentration may fall anywhere between 0.5mg/L to 50mg/L. Despite its natural occurrence, fluoride is also added to public water systems as a measure to counter tooth decay. This addition does not impact the water's taste, appearance, or smell.

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    List of Remedies for Fluoride Poisoning