Fluoride in Water for Fluoride Poisoning

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Steve W (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) on 11/27/2007:
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I have been living over seas for the past 6 months.

In regards to flouride. I have read extensively your articles. I would like to point out that you mention in one section that reverse osmosis bottled water such as Aquifina, etc are clean of flouride due to the fact that they are reverse osmosis filtered---HOWEVER I CAUTION YOU AND YOUR READERS---READ THE LABEL. Aquifina here in where I live and in the US last time I check had significant levels of Flouride AND Chlorine. While I cannot substantiate WHY it would I suspect it is because they are adding it AFTER filtering for "our benefit". I can tell you here even distilled water is curiously high in both flouride and chlorine AND IS MARKETED specifically for babies as "PURE Distilled water".

There has been a massive push in just the last 3 months here to add flouride to drinking water and almost every toothpaste that DID NOT have it, has now produced a version with it or even eliminated the non-flouridated product.

THIS is all being done ONLY under the guise that the American Dental Association has accepted flouride as a wonderful preventitive. I now wonder how many other widely accepted programs in foreign countries have' been created just because "America is doing it".

If only one thing, I stress again and again read the labels. You can at least keep yourself safe until they start taking the labels away, by then you should have your OWN water purification reverse osmosis or distiller to protect yourself if you do not already.
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