Borax and Tamarind for Fluoride Poisoning

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Sharon Strait (Atlanta, Georgia) on 01/31/2013:
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I am no stranger to detox as my symptoms first started 20 years ago. My first big leap toward recovering came through sauna detoxification (using VC, mineral salts, and liver suppl. support) and an acupressure technique to reduce chemical and food resistance and allergies called NAET. Both are AMAZING safe therapies I highly recommend. These together, plus organic raw juicing literally saved my life at the age of 28 in one year's time.

My second huge leap forward was with a form of energy-based yoga called isha yoga--i do a kriya practice I learned in an 'Inner Engineering' class which is really easy to do, and it normalized a lot of my hormonal imbalances and got my body's rhythms back in sync. I've began practicing since the age of 33--almost 10 years without missing a single day. It's THAT good. This practice made my system stout and strong again in 3 months--to the point that I trekked in the Himalayas 6mths after I learned the kriya and since have travelled all over Asia and Tibet with a strong gut--I was helping OTHER people who were sick =).

So, I've been pretty fit for the last 10 years, eating vegetarian (not able to do organic in travel), travelling all over, and practicing yoga and meditation regularaly. In all my travels and activity etc, I was fine. It was when I came back and settled that I'd gotten a little lax on the pure water thing and started to have a few problems re-emerge--wasn't too bad, but it began to interfere with my yoga--mainly joint pain and mild hypo- thyroid symptoms.

My thyroid has always remained slightly enlarged on one side even though my symptoms of Hashimotos were very mild (almost no coldness, just mild skin dryness, and occasional fatigue). The thyroid got a big boost from my yoga practice, but my joints were still getting really crickety even though i'm practicing a couple hours of yoga asanas (postures and such) every day.

4 days ago I started the Borax protocol as well as the Tamarind and am having incredible results. I think this might just be the final piece to the detox puzzle. I hadn't taken fluoride that seriously, and my enviro doc 10 years ago never mentioned it as a concern. I'm betting the sauna cleared it with the other things back then and I never knew it was part of the problem.

I bought both a 'cosmetic grade' Borax powder and Tamarind paste at the Indian market. Both I am mixing with a little sea salt. These first days I've taken 1/24 tsp of Borax in 1/3 of a liter--basically 1/3rd the total quantityfor female adult and had the funk that followed--dizziness, lethargy, little nausea etc. The first day I did an Indian Rasam with tamarind, salt, little oil and cilantro also. After the two, I actually spiked a fever and the aching worsened, but I could tell it was a detox reaction. I can literally feel this stuff 'pulling'.

At day 4 with this tiny amount I've taken, my knee pain is about 80% better, low back pain is gone, neck and shoulders which were very tight are about 30-40% improved, and my energy has spiked up considerably. Truly amazing that a $2 product of natural mineral salt and the $3 paste of a fruit of a tree can be such a wonderful antidote.

It is interesting, because the Ayurvedic wisdom of ancient India has spread into the south India culture and held for millennia and one of their most common, daily soups--a 'digestive' by which they finish EVERY meal is the rasam that I made myself, which has simply tamarind paste, black pepper, cumin seed, a bit of dal, turmeric powder, salt which you boil hard together and then add lots of fresh UNCOOKED cilantro in at the end. Hmmmm... The yogis must have known all along =)

Best luck in your continued climb to the glowing health and exuberance that is your birthright. Thank you for hosting this forum for those who suffer needlessly for way too long.

blessings, -Sharon

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Carol (La Verne, CA) on 02/27/2008:
5 out of 5 stars

I've followed Ted's remedy regarding fluoride poisoning. I noticed that the neck and back pain only disappeared when I used the Tamarind powder with the Borax. I've been leaching with the borax for at least 30 weeks now. The symptom that seems to be resistant is the restless leg syndrome that appeared after my last stilt with anti-depressants chalked full of fluoride. My question is will the restless leg ever disappear? I take calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, iodine and b-complex. From researching it is recommended to take iron but I have cancer and can not. The pulsing in my leg keep me awake at night and depress my activities 70%. It's not just pulsing but it is the weakness that goes with the pulsing. Does anyone recover from fluoride poisoning completely?
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