Natural Remedies for Eye Floaters

Natural Remedies for Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are usually mild visual disturbances caused by clumps of fibrous tissue in the eye that leave small shadows that resemble small spots or cob-web like lines. At first they may be hardly noticeable as they come on gradually as part of the aging process. Natural remedies for eye floaters include beets, castor oil, and the herb comfrey.

Note that eye floaters come on gradually. Any sudden visual changes or disturbances must be ruled out by a qualified professional to ensure that something more serious is not the cause of what appears to be eye floaters.


Canned beets or juiced beets are a natural remedy for eye floaters. Beets are highly nutritious and contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants that are critical to eye health. Consuming beets or beet juice will provide these important nutrients.

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List of Remedies for Eye Floaters