Diabetes Medication Warning for Diabetes Type II

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Snarley (Santa Monica, Ca) on 01/26/2014
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Took Metformin for several years as the Insurance companies force Drs to favor it over other, better RX for Diabetes.

Was rushed to hospital by ambulance as Dr. thought I was having a heart attack. Later tests showed no heart attacked but Doctor came to conclusion that Metformin had changed my blood chenistry and electrolytes were so low that I could have had a heart attack if they had not caught it. My advice, , , , insist on taking something other than Metformin. Apple Cider Vinegar is great help to diabetics. But stay under Dr care and take medicine to get Diabetes under control before thinking you can treat yourself.

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C.R. (USA) on 04/06/2008
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Death by fatal heart attacks is a common side effect of diabetic medication. Even Glucophage product literature and the Physician's Desk Reference say that Glucophage can cause fatal heart attacks. Personally, I have known several diabetics who have died after taking Glucotrol and Glucophage.

After the last one died, I called my doctor. He said that the way that Glucophage and Gluoctrol kill is by progressive dehydration. As the body dries out, the blood gets thicker, he said. Thick blood gets harder and harder for the blood to pump. Eventually the heart gives out in a fatal heart attack.

Heart disease is now the second leading cause of death in the USA. Heart disase is also a complication of diabetes. Obviously, drugs that are known to cause heart attacks should never be prescribed, particularly to diabetics.

Saddest part: diabetic medication and insulin are totally unnecessary for Type II diabetics, according to Hungarian-born biologist Michael Somogyi. He advised the use of diet and exercise for the management of Type II diabetes. He also believed that Type I diabetics were overmedicated with insulin, which caused the now famous Somogyi or Rebound Effect. In the case of Type I diabetics, he felt that insulin could be reduced by 38%.

There are safer ways to lower blood sugar, such as using lquid chlorophyll (alfalfa extract), honey, cayenne peper, or apple cider vinegar. Some have been completely cured of diabetes by using honey or liquid chlorophyll. That means they no longer have to take any treatment because their body has returned to normal.

The dosage with liquid chlorophyll is one ounce, or shot glassful, in water twice daily. Alfalfa is a diuretic and should not be taken with the evening meal. Otherwise you ill be up all night running to the bathroom. It is said that liquid chlorophyll can cure diabetes in 3 months.

If that doesn't work, cayenne pepper is known to lower blood sugar. It can also cause vomiting in large doses. To avoid nausea after taking cayenne, you must build a tolerance to it. Start by taking a pinch of cayenne in water with each meal. Double the dose each day until you reach one teaspoon of cayenne in water with each meal. Peppermint and ginger can stop the nausea induced by cayenne if it is still a problem. In addition, cayenne is a laxative. Once your body adapts to cayenne, the laxative effect will stop.

Over time, you will build a tolerance to any medication, herb, or even exercise. Once you build a tolerance, the treatment will no longer work unless by then you have developed the placebo effect. In any event, it is wise to take a weeklong rest from every treatment once you have done it for 2 months or so. Then you can return to the treatment. During the rest, use something else.

Or you could use apple cider vinegar to lower blood sugar. There was a European study demonstrating that eating pickles with a meal lowered blood sugar in diabetics. Arizona State University then tested the effect of ACV with meals and found the same thing. The dosage is 2 tablespoons of ACV in water with each meal. The participants in this study also reported some weight loss.

Finally, scientists have known for years that the body makes its own inositol and that diabetics excrete a lot of it everyday. They also know that a deficiency of inositol causes diabetic neuropathy. Give it a shot.

P.S. Shirley Robinson says that Natural Transfer Factor cures diabetes. It is a derivative of colostrum, the liquid produced by mammals in the first few days after birth. Have read some amazing cures from people drinking raw colostrum - IF you can get access to a cow that has recently calved.

Additionally, the Weston Price site has an article by a medical doctor who researched the effect of raw cow's milk on diabetes at the Mayo Foundation, which was the predecessor of the Mayo Clinic. They obtained good results from a raw milk fast.

Stevia the herbal sweetener is also used as a medical treatment to lower blood pressure and sugar in South America. Assuming it is prescribed 3 times a day like most other herbal meds, the question is: how much? Although stevia is harmless, it is pricey at $43 a pound for stevia extract.