C-Diff Remedies


Often called a “superbug,” C. diff is a bacterium that can range in severity from mild diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation in the colon. No matter the severity of the condition, however, finding an effective remedy can be difficult, which is why we have done our best to come up with a list of effective natural remedies. Probiotics, bentonite clay, and activated charcoal are among the most operative natural treatment options for C. diff.

The Problem with Antibiotics Alone

Many people think that they can simply take an antibiotic to kill off the bacterial cause of C. diff, but what they don’t realize is they could actually be doing more harm than good by doing so. At the onset of the condition, antibiotics are often to blame for the infection, as they kill off the good bacteria in the system. At later stages, however, antibiotics are often ineffective for treating C. diff because the bacteria are resistant to the antibiotic; these treatments further damage the balance in the system, preventing healing.

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List of Remedies for C. Difficile