MSM for Arthritis

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Art (California) on 12/24/2021:
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I have also used MSM for arthritic hands in friends who can tolerate MSM, but I mix the MSM with water and then put it in a little two ounce spray bottle that can be carried around in pocket or purse and apply as needed to the hands. Not everybody can tolerate MSM as has been discussed extensively on Earth Clinic here :

Some of my friends feel it also helps their skin. Four grams per ounce of water has been effective, but pay close attention to the many side effects mentioned at the link above.


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RM (Montana) on 12/24/2021:
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I'm a 50 year old male. Just started having stiffness in my hands about a month ago. Started taking 1 teaspoon of MSM dissolved in water first thing in the morning. Hands are fine within 1/2 hour and can work all day. It will return later in the evening so you may need a second treatment later in the day.
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John S. (Suffolk, England) on 11/03/2018:
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People may be interested in the history of Dimethyl Sulfoxide, MSM or methylsulfonylmethane and the disappearance of the symptoms of arthritis amongst workers at the paper mills. Also, having had your same problem in the feet, how it has, now, completely disappeared since I supplemented with MSM, to the point where I can down a tub of it and the pain stays gone. The last tub I had was two months ago. Still no problems.
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Arlette (Sd ) on 03/23/2018:
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Better But With Side Effects

I love MSM for my back pain but it caused insomnia so bad I had to quit it for a while. I can only take 1 in the morning.
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Chris (Lancaster, England) on 03/28/2015:
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Hi anyone with hip arthritis, I started using MSM 3yrs ago it helped with the pain but then I read that to get a significant relief if you take a higher dose, you need to take more than the stated dose on the package.

I was taking tabs 2gms a day. Now, very gradually, I take 9gms. Hey what a difference, wonderful, but I have rose hip tab as well,

I take 4 MSM with breakfast, 4 for lunch and 2 early pm with a snack.

My arthritis was caused by a very bad fall from a horse straight onto the back of my hips when I crunched into the road 18 years ago. I would hate to be without MSM. But go easy at first, just a low dose, also I take glusamine. I don't have any side effects at all and would consider taking more dosage if needed.


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Laura (Ferndale, MD, USA) on 04/20/2007:
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I have had Psoriatic Arthritis since I was 10 years old, & one of the worst symptoms I've had for 38 yrs now, is daily shooting nerve pains in my extremities. The good news: when I take 1000 mgs of MSM daily, the shooting pains are completely gone. If I miss a few days, they always start up again. Love this site.
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