Supplements remedies to encourage healing

Posted By Chickeedoomama (Oob, Me) on 04/07/2012

My 1 year old yellow lab recently had TPLO surgery to replace his knee. Does anybody have any suggestions on supplements to heal and speed up the recovery process?

Replied by Judy (Small Town, Nh, Usa) on 04/07/2012

Dear Chickeedoomama from ME, Judging from all the testimonials on a certain website that sells the product, food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) will help your dog's knee heal faster after his surgery. DE contains silica, which strengthens bone and connective tissue. You may find DE at a feed store, but make sure it is labeled Permaguard, which is approved by the FDA as food grade. Otherwise it may be ordered inexpensively online. Just mix a tsp. Of DE into his food, increasing gradually to a Tbsp. I'd also give him unrefined virgin coconut oil in his food, which is said to aid absorption of calcium and magnesium. I'd start with a tsp. And increase gradually to a Tbsp. Or so. After his knee is healed you could cut back perhaps to one or 2 tsps. In his food. Warm it gently to liquid first. Unrefined coconut oil is said to protect from the harmful effects of heated (seed) oils in commercial pet food (and in ours).

You could also give him a kelp supplement or tablets at meal time. According to D. C. Jarvis, M. D. In his book Folk Medicine, researchers at Cornell Univ. Found that broken bones healed 20% faster when supplemented with kelp. They found that kelp raised the calcium level of blood.

Additionally, you could give him a comfrey supplement, or better yet, the homeopathic form of comfrey, known as Symphytum. The comfrey plant has been known for centuries as Knitbone, for its aid in healing of bones. Give away from food and store the container away from odors such as cooking or toiletry odors. Avoid excessive handling of the little pills before giving themto your dog.


Replied by Paula A (Mendoza, Argentina) on 08/03/2012

Hello, my 12 years old cat was recently diagnosed with arthritis in one of his legs, vet recommended me a supplement with glucosamine, chondroitin and msm. I would like to give him traumeel, do you think it would help? He is a 17 lbs cat ( I know he has to lose weight)

He doesn't have any symptoms but the vet said his cartilage is damaged but not destroyed. (he was hit by a car before I adopted him)


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