29 years of insomnia

Posted By Jennycee (Wimbledon, London, U.k.) on 11/09/2012

I developed insomnia when pregnant - she is now 29!!! IT cured itself but came back when she was teething. It is now the worst it has ever been - 3-4 weeks now with only 1 natural night's sleep. I have tried acupuncture (V expensive) didn't work, hypnosis (I fell asleep in the chair but not in bed), CBT which I swear has made it far worse than ever, prescribed drugs and over the counter remedies. My GP gave me a course of melatonin and that didn't work.

I am officially desperate but would prefer natural remedies - so can you please help? Thanking you in advance, Jennycee


Replied by Juliette (Reston) on 11/09/2012

insomnia is the worst! I told someone that recently posted about insomnia how helpful 5htp and GABA supplements were to me. Ive struggled with insomnia for about 10 years and taking that for 2 weeks really helped turn things around. The book The Mood Cure by Julia Ross should be an insomniacs bible! I would take 5htp late in the afternoon and GABA and 5htp before bed. They both really chill you out, feels like a xanax but its actually healing your brain and eventually you dont need it anymore!

You could also try youtubing guided meditations for sleep, or youtube delta binaural beats before bed... Really powerful stuff!

Good luck! Sending you love :)


Replied by Ed2010 (Oakville, Canada) on 11/09/2012

Ashwagandha can calm your mind and give a good night sleep. You can buy ashwagandha capsules in natural health stores and start with half of the dosage mentioned in the bottle.

Ashwagandha is one of the ingredient in Chyawanprash - a jam like herbal food produced in India. You can take 1 tsp of chyawanprash daily night with milk. Chywanprash contains variety of herbs for the complete health of the body.

Milk Kefir is rich in serotonin which keeps you calm and will give a nice sleep.

Caution - Avoid soya milk or soya products (Fermented is Ok)

Soya is a Tryptophan Inhibitor and a goitrogen, which causes a big havoc to the whole body.

Good Health


Replied by Kathi (New Brunswick, Nj) on 11/10/2012

so sorry to hear you are having such problems. I had a similar issue with sleep 5yrs ago and a key to resolving the problem was remediating my vitamin D deficiency. Cognitive behavioral therapy also helped--in short keep regular sleeping schedule, both bedtime and wakeup, sleep in a completely dark room or wear sleep mask, wear ear plugs if noise is an issue. In daytime eating and at least modest exercise (eg walk around the block) on a regular schedule. magnesium citrate at bedtime helps too.

you can read my earlier post here:



Replied by Amythest (Salmon Arm, B.c.) on 11/10/2012

I hope you find an answer to your sleep dilemma, we all really need to sleep to feel normal. I have been having insomnia myself for a few years and even went to the Dr to get help for this and she recommended to cut back on coffee get some exercise every day (but did not prescribe a sleeping pill). Although this helps to some degree it has not always done it for me. So what I found works is 1/2 to 1 travel tablet before bed, which works when nothing else does and alternatively I have been taking a 500 mg of Magnesium that works well for me too. But be prepared to be near a bathroom in the morning as it can give you loose stool.

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