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Question by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/13/2006

In response to a private email:

You are NOT going to find answers by going from one diet to another. Most fad diets don't work, and besides your body is not functioning properly anyway.

You are going to have a reaction until you found out you can eat no more than three different foods that you don't have a reaction. This is what I have found in one parents trying to treatment with one child. I resolved this problem simply by doing the following:

Just eat the foods as you always do, but stay away from foods that is obviously bad for you such as sugar, fructose, glucose, fried foods, monosodium glutamate, fast food, restaurant foods, microwave cooked foods, gluten, white bread, white flour, milk, bakery, pastries, aspartame, and preserved meats for example.

Eat variety and eat more vegetables and sometimes fruits are o.k. Eating seeds are important, especially for your case is pumpkin seeds, apricot seeds, whole apples, etc.

The most important point is keep your diet simple, while focusing on higher fiber and nutrient rich foods.

You are going to have a reaction regardless of what foods you are eating anyway. This comes to the second issue: you need to take the supplements immediately without having to wait for proper diets, since your diets is going to be simple anyway, you can now concentrate on the supplements.

The key biochemistry issue in your body that is messed up pretty badly is your body's immune system is out of order due to invading fungus and other pathogens. As a result the body is going to produce excess histamine regardless.

This comes to what supplements should you take Without the thousands of dollars of blood tests, and other unnecessary diagnosis, most experienced and honest practitioners (very few today) will know right of the bat that your body is deficient in zinc, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, magnesium, vitamin C and vitamin B deficient. On the other hand your body has excess copper. So the following supplements is going to help you:

1. Vitamin B complex, B1, B2, B3, ... B6 at 100 mg. each per day. While B12 is taken at 100 mcg per day.

2. Zinc supplements, in form of zinc acetate (or zinc gluconate) at 50 mg. per day. Taken only for one week. Then stop then continue again. For about 1-2 months. From then on, you decided how much dose and interval dose is needed for maintenance. My maintenance dose is only 50 mg. every 2-3 weeks, once the body has sufficient manganese levels.

3. Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate please!) at 2000 mg - 3000 mg. per day. You may give yourself 500 mg. at 4 times, or perhaps 6 times per day to get it up to 3000 mg/day.

4. Selenium (selenium methionine) 200 mcg.

5. Molybdenum (sodium molybdate) 50 mg.

6. Manganese. Based on my own experiments so far, Manganese sulfate is the preferred form, at 10 mg./day -20 mg./day. Taken only for one week. Manganese is best absorbed ONLY ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. Most supplements tend to block absorption, so we keep this simple. Some say certain supplements are synergistic, yes, but not when you are consuming them at the same time! Take it after several hours that you take vitamin C.

7. Magnesium. Never forget magnesium! They play an important role in your recovery. Just take 250 mg of Magnesium chloride or magnesium citrate or magnesium ascorbate.

Taking lots of zinc will reduce the copper and at the same time improve the zinc to copper ratio in your body.

Before bed time, take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, pls 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid in one half glass of water. The optimum dose, I have calculated for most people (if they are sick, but not very sick) is to be taken twice a day on an empty stomach. One before bed time and one in the morning.

If you are following my directions, you should get better the next day without any major food reactions. It is IMPORTANT that you drink, mineral water. Never drink distilled water as it is deficient in buffers and will cause your body's pH to be unstable.

Continue to take vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) for the next 2-3 months along with zinc (intermitently), manganese (intermitently) and both your sinus and your gray hair should go away, especially on the third month. It really helps that you buy a good fulvic acid to help balance all those messed up mineral imbalance if possible. However, if you can find a sodium thiosulfate somewhere, just add a couple of drops to your drinking water. It will detox whatever poisons you have in your body. We keep it simple and stupid first, otherwise you are going to make your life unusually complicated for yourself. Just remember the baking soda and citric acid, you can add a little more citric acid, if you wish (for taste reasons) however, whatever you do with this the resultant chemical, sodium citrate is anti-inflammatory, as well as a good detoxifier for your body anyway.

You should be almost completely normal (sinus is going to take about 3 months), on the second week, but you should feel better the very next day, you will feel better when you wake up.

If you are in a hurry to relieve your sinus, just buy Sinusbuster, which is really a pepper solution to kill the fungus. By the way, your litmus paper is almost useless. You need a pH meter since it is often not that accurate. Take note that if you are "knocked out" or sleep much more then usual, take this to mean that your body is trying to recover.


Replied by Tia (Detroit,MI) on 06/16/2009

I realize this post is a few years old, but I am reading conflicting reports of to drink or not drink distilled water. Here, Ted says not to. Other posts say it's the cleanest bottled water to drink, so I am wondering is there something you can add to the distilled water to make it more beneficial Or should we really just avoid distilled water

Replied by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/17/2009


In regards to distilled water, If I do use it, I will always reconstituted them by adding sea salt. The typical addition of a sea salt is 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt. The problem about normal tap water is the chlorine and fluorine. Most are eliminated with the reverse osmosis water without having to use the distilled water. A distilled water is contraindicated with metabolic acidosis, magnesium deficiency and allergy issues, such as a runny nose. That's because whenever the body's electrolyte run low, the body tries to maintain balance by sweating more, or getting more runny nose on even the slightest irritation. This is why a sea salt solution put into a nose will usually worsen the condition, but has the exact opposite in stopping a runny nose within five minutes with a standard dose of 1/4 teaspoon sea salt in a cup of warm water. A distilled water is acid as it does not have enough buffer. Try a simple experiment, leave distilled water in open air for an hour. The pH will quickly drop to less than 7, even though normal pH for water is 7. It lacks bicarbonates and is also contraindicated for people with hair loss issues. If the person wants to detox, the best way is not the distilled water, but perhaps a reconstituted reverse osmosis water with the added sea salt, or perhaps a sea salt added to the mineral water. Haven't anyone ever wondered why doctors always give people a saline water for nearly all conditions The saline water detoxes the body of toxins in the simplest way possible. Originally this practice was used in homeopathy before its success caused the conventional medicine to accept the use of IV saline solution. In research studies they found that whether you take Saline IV or even oral sea salt solution, the positive effects are almost exactly the same. The major difference is the cost and the dangers of setpticemia that tends to occur in the course of any I.V. Hence babies generally have allergies simply because their diets are virtually zero of any natural sea salt added to their diets, plus homogenized and pasteurized milk is what I considered to be "dead milk" because all the active biological components in the milk gets denatured or destroyed and babies have little chance of really being getting full nutrition of a milk. Hence, a sea salt adeded woul restore many of the associated skin problem. I am doubtful any wise parents will feed a child of distilled waters to babies in any milk formula. Where's the mineral, and the pH buffers that stabilizes a drinking water when you prepare a milk formula It's likely from this reasoning that sea salt is not likely to be in a diet of a baby and hence their allergies. I even got urinary tract infection from drinking the "recommended water dose" until I fond out I was actually seriously depleting my body of electrolytes. When the body's salinity is reduced bacteria tends to infect the bladder, and hence, adding sea salt almost instanteously stopped my urinaty tract infection as well. I seriously doubt that a distilled water would cure my urinary tract infection, at the same time no doctors in their right mind will put a distilled water intravenously either. Since taken anything internally is the similar in effect as intravenous IV, its likely that a water with some sea salt makes a lot more sense, whether we drink distilled water, or even some mineral water. Most of our sickness is not the salt, it comes from the common table salt, which it's is virtually depleted of minerals as well as aluminum silicate added, and its pH is an unnatural 5, instead of the sea salt's average pH of 7- 7.5. I therefore doubt any use of distilled water given that reason. At the very least I would consider a baby drinking distilled water unhealthy and deadly if I give anyone an intravenous distilled water instead of saline water.



Replied by Sri (NYC, NY) on 11/11/2009

Ted may want to correct the amount of molybdenum in the above suggestion. 50Mg/day is a lot of it. Also sodium molybdate appears to be a volatile compound. Thankfully, it is not available for consumption.

Replied by Enjoi (Los Angeles, Ca) on 01/25/2011

Ted please help. I have had a severe allergic reaction to something and I'm not sure how to treat it and don't have insurance. I wish there was a way I could email you a picture of my face. My eyes a swollen practically shut and there are these tiny bumps all over my lids and now all over my face. This has only happened one time before and the only commonality is that I had corn puff products the night before in both cases. I don't know however if it is the corn puff or a new product I am using on my face that is the culprit. I assumed the first time this happened that it was the corn puff product that was the problem because it was a brand I had never eated before. This time I had cheetos puffs that I have eaten all my life (seldomly).

Now I'm trying to deal with the aftermath and don't know how to treat this. I thought maybe it was blepharitis, but I'm leaning now towards an allergic reaction because the bumps are all over my face and not just my lids. Can you please advise. I tried hot water on a washcloth and elevating my head, but this is so bad I can't leave the house. Thank you in advance.


Replied by Browneyegirl ( Detroit, Mi, U.s) on 04/03/2011

My 10 year old son has a severe cat allergy. I have recently purchased a vehicle that has a lot of car hair. I have shampooed, vacumed the vehicle several times however there is still a lot of car hair in the car. Everyday he continue to have reactions when in and out of the vehicle. I understand I need to build his immune. Can I follow the same directions for him Please help!

Replied by Marjorie (Singapore) on 04/20/2011

Hi Ted, Thanks for your invaluable advice on so many areas of health. I hope you can help me with regards to my 16 month old son, Sam, who has numerous food allergies - tuna, beans, chicken, dairy (cow, goat), several fishes, oats, almonds, sesame etc etc... I do not think he is digesting his food well as he is way below average in terms of weight and height. He does not enjoy eating nor sleeping. Recently, his saliva is really smelly which makes me wonder whether he has some gut problems. Doubt it's teething as he's got all his teeth out already. He is still fully on breastmilk which I hope improves his condition.

What would you recommend to cure his condition and in what doses

Thanks very much, Marjorie.


Replied by Karenina (Southampton, United Kingdom) on 08/29/2011

Allergy and Hay Fever: Ted's Remedies and what supplements and minerals to take for treatment.

Hi, I was reading about the minerals and vitamin C I can take to relieve Sinus and hayfever and I believe reverses grey hair as well You say to take for these over 3 months and I will feel better but would I not need to continue taking these supplements for the rest of my life to keep the severe allergies and sinus under control and to avoid grey hairs coming back

Secondly, I have allergic asthma as well. Will this treatment you suggested help with this problem as well If not is there anything else you can suggest which may help with the allergic asthma Many thanks Ted.

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Replied by T (Houston, Usa) on 08/29/2011

Hi Karenina, I have successfully used Standard Process 'Antronex' for hay fever and allergies. It cleans the liver and gives your relief like you cannot imagine. You can find it on amazon.dot.com

Hope this is helpful.


Replied by Karenina (Southampton, United Kingdom) on 08/31/2011

Hi T from Houston,

Thanks very much for your reply. I live in the UK and Amazon cannot deliver the Antronex to my country. So I am back to square one again. It sounds a very good supplement.


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Replied by Emma (Sydney, Nsw, Australia) on 10/09/2011

Ted, Sea salt does not contain the same ratios of dissolved salts as our bodies. Furthermore, by dissolving virtually unknown quantities of salts in varying quantities of water, you do not know the concentration of ions in the water. If the water contains more ions than your body's cells, you will become dehydrated - it is worse than drinking nothing at all. Our diets tend to be high in salts. Unless you are very physically active, or are suffering from conditions such as diarrhoea or vomiting, you probably are not losing too many electrolytes. If you do feel the need to replenish these electrolytes, it is best to use a product designed for the purpose, such as gastrolyte or hydralyte, or another electrolyte drink. These contain minerals and salts in similar ratios to those in our body's cells - sea salt does not. It is likely to contain higher levels of salts such as sodium chloride and not enough of others. Too much salt (specifically sodium chloride) can be harmful.

Lastly, distilled water is not acidic. The reason it becomes acidic if left in the air is because carbon dioxide dissolves in it forming carbonic acid. This makes it acidic, but by then it cannot be considered 'distilled' any more - it has been contaminated. Honestly, our bodies contain so many buffers, the pH of what you consume really is not massively important, as long as it is not hugely acidic or alkaline. The difference in something you consume having a pH of 5 or 9 is negligible. Do you not eat citrus fruits because they contain high amounts of citric acid What about the remedy described above, Apple cider vinegar - that contains large amounts of acetic acid (why do you think it can cause minor irritation of the throat ) Distilled water will not kill you, but it probably will not help either. Mineral water is best, but use caution if you intend to dissolve sea salt in your water.


Replied by Snowman (Davison, Mi, Usa) on 11/21/2011

Hi this fall of 2011 in Michigan I began to get a rash on my eyelids and itchy rash on my neck plus found it was hard to breathe. I thought it was a weird reaction to my ragweed allergies. Well after the first frost it went away and has returned a few weeks later. I'm now thinking it is a reaction to some type of mold or fungus outside. The doctors just gave me a steroid cream that has done nothing to help. Would the ACV help with this. I'm at my wits ends trying to get rid of this. My eyelids are beet red, very sore and itchy and now my lips are tingly like. Never had a reaction like this before. Any help out there

Replied by Coley (Apex, N.C.) on 12/18/2011


The most respected doctors, and scientist in the U.S.A. state that distilled water is the healthiest to drink. The Mayo clinic for one. Coley


Replied by Linda (Clinton, Ut) on 12/19/2011

Regarding distilled water: It is my understanding that you may consume it safely for a while but after months of use your body will suffer from lack of minerals in the distilled water.

Replied by Penny (Wind Gap, Pa) on 01/15/2012

Coley, doctores will tell you anything to KEEP you from being healthy. They will help you to FEEL better, but NOT truly alleviate your issues. They cannot make money off healthy people. THINK about that, seriously. Do research on these medicines (poisons I feel) the doctors prescribe. Have you not noticed HOW MANY lawsuits are out there due to these synthetic medicines And how many people are suffering from their side effects The medical industry is using chemicals to alleviate our symptoms by trying to replicate the ORGANIC, ALL NATURAL products. But unfortunately by doing so, there are consequences....... side effects. We are all guinea pigs for doctors and pharmaceutical industries. Ted is trying to help us to use more natural ways that are known to help alleviate/cure the underlying issues rather than just masking them like these synthetic medicines do. I have been researching natural vs synthetics for decades so I do know a lot about this. I may not know everything, but I sure do know a lot. I am just trying to let you know, do not trust everything your doctor tells you, do your research and find out every thing possible. You will not regret it. There is another website you can check out called naturalnews that has a lot of information about anything and everything that even some top doctors recommend but don't tell you. Hope this helped.

Replied by Judy (St.charles, Mo, Usa) on 04/07/2012

I cannot find the molybednum in 50 mg for a decent price, on limited budget, any suggestions welcome.

Replied by Olwen (Cooma, Nsw, Australia) on 11/23/2012

I have been using Ted's remedies for seasonal rhinitis for about a month now, taking sodium bicarbonate in water with either lemon juice or ACV three times a day (and occasionally four times if necessary). Normally (and this has been going on for over fifty years! ) I have severe allergies all through spring to late summer - principally I am allergic to wheat, both in food and as pollen. Ted's remedies alone are controlling the allergies 100% this year! I do notice that if I slacken off on the dosage or eat too much acidic foods I still get a bit congested and may sneeze once or twice, but as long as I keep up the remedies the allergies are GONE!

Thank you, most sincerely, Ted and EARTH CLINIC! :)


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