Swollen Eye Lid Related to Allergies?

Question by Marian on 06/02/2008

I have for a few years had a swollen eye lid on my left eye sometimes. Now yesterday my right eye is now swollen and feels bruised it hurts. a little itchy too. I have been doing the apple cider vinegar braggs, also cayenne and yesterday a little h2o2 and cinnamon and raw garlic organic. i have stopped eating meat (two weeks ago) and only eating eggs occasionally and seafood. Do you have any idea i do have allergies. I also want to thank you for all the wonderful ideas you saved my dogs life. And saved us a fortune on vet bills. So Thank you very much.

Replied by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/02/2008

Dear Marian:

Assuming a swollen eyes or eyelids are due to allergies, which is often due to past exposure to fungus, but once it enters the system, recurring eczema that won't go away starts happening, even after the fungus and molds were no longer their. However, certain triggers can cause skin problems such as excessive aromatic oils, in particular, peppermints and perfumes, such as aldehydic perfumes, which is common in many perfumery products, and fragrances added. The best remedy I used is not to use toothpaste at all, which is a small fortune for me if I buy a commercial one, but they also added a known toxin, such as fluoride, and sometimes once used aluminum, which causes the body absorption to aluminum raised by 600% whenever fluoride are present and even more so if the water chlorine is present too. Therefore I would avoid excessive uses of vegetable oils, eating too much or drinking too much fruit juices, avoid potatoes, since there is a fungus toxins present, aspartame is a big problem now causing unexplained skin problem, in particular the eyes. Of concern is not to use excessive creams and oils, especially facial creams. As a note that, my friend of mine who is an enthusiastic user of facial creams told me that her eyes was swollen with "unexplained" pimple like bumps to occur. Those come from oily creams which prevents the body's sweat from coming out causing these bumps and swollen area. Obviously if the sweat cannot be removed because some oily ways substance such as facial creams, eye mascara especially are used, they prevent the body's sweat, and excessive oils from removal as these eye mascara creates a waxy oily oil from such removal causing swollen eyelids. Therefore stoppage of these will usually go away, slowly over the course of a month.

Unfortunately a long term exposure to facial creams, oils mascara, can cause the fats in the face and eyelids to harden, furthering the problem. Thus some reduction is possible, assuming the liver is also congested with excessive fats, rancid fats that accumulates in the body over the lifetime, causing fatty liver buildup. The major cause of these I have found is always the vegetable oils that has undergone rancidity, within minutes as a result of cooking, where many of these vegetable oils have low melting temperatures. The worse of these is liquid at room temperate, and if they undergone cooking, the become oxidized, which is rancid. Once these rancid oxidized oils enters the system, it accumulates in the body causing congested liver, fatty liver, but quite possibly excessive waxy and oily buildup whic may lead to too much LDL cholesterol and other fatty buildup leading to a swollen eye condition. Therefore avoiding the heating of foods with vegetable oils, especially microwave ovens, frozen dinner, and fried food are the main source of the problem. The body have a low tolerance to these kinds of food and even worse whenever it is a potato chips for french fries as these also have a cancer causing compounds, and these same compounds may damage the liver, causing congested liver, leading to a swollen eye condition that I have noted many times in people who eat too much before they sleep or not enough sleep and eat very late in the evening. All these are liver problems. As a result a common remedy to remove excessive fats, are the fat emulsifiers, such as granulated lecithin, 1 tablespoon three times a day on an empty stomach. These fat emulsifier should help reduce the bottleneck in the gall bladder of excessive oils that i has to manage, that in the long run leads to a gall bladder problem. A removal of that can even worsen the fatty buildup, leading to a liver problem again. The other supplements that has fat dissolving capability
resembling a weak detergent effects includes baking soda and sodium carbonate (washing soda) by alkalizing the body. The scientist call this the carbicarb remedies used in reviving stroke victims to prevent damages to the brain due to carbon dioxide buildup, especially the sodium carbonate. The remedy can be a simple mild remedy to a stronger remedy, that I like since both of these remedy seems to relieve liver congestion, even so with an alkaline form of EDTA, but that's beyond this email. A simpler one is likely either one of these, second one is better, of course:

1. 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water at least taken twice a day. The body can cleanse itself if a drinking water is added with (preferably) using Reverse Osmosis water with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in one liter of drinking water plus 1/16 teaspoon of baking soda. Both of these have a liver cleansing effect. Most of the remedies used in internet these days calling themselves a liver cleanser actually clogs the liver since certain formulation uses oils, which congests the liver. An obvious liver cleanser at least from the chemistry point of view are alkaline chemicals that is already found in the body's physiology such as sodium bicarbonate, but the body naturally accepts sodium carbonate too, by reacting with readily available Carbon dioxide gas to form sodium bicarbonate still. It has the effect of removing the carbon dioxide waste from the body, which will aid in healing. But most recognized is the sulfactant properties of sodium bicarbonate, but especially
the sodium carbonate, that has a cleansing effect in the body, but especially the liver, along with granulated lecithin, which should relieve the swollen eye problems too. Hard wax are slower to remove, but taking some vitamin E will reduce some newer formation of oxidized oil too.

It should be noted that the single most important properties of the sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate is its superior ability in reducing eczema caused by metabolic acidosis, as well as killing off fungus pathogens and will reduce this problem in matter of hours, for skin inflammation problems, and at least for me I need not resort to even need to take any anti-inflammatory drugs. The society today is far too reliant on the pharma drugs. As for me, I don't need to use any at all.

Finally U.S. dietary patterns due to industrialized farming practices that changed in the past 50 years from a ratio of 1:2 or 1: 1 on omega 3 to omega 6, has now been 1:20 ratio on omega 3 to omega 6. The primary actions of omega 3 (often referred to as Type 2, called DHA and EPA - is only found in fish oils NOT cod liver oil). I prefer the fish oil or salmon fish oils myself. These will reduce the problem imbalance which is what is causing all these inflammatory disease. As for me I take 1000 mg x 2 a day usually once every other day. The body has a low tolerance for oils, but since omega 3 is low anyway, I can take the modestly at once every other day, while avoiding the use of vegetable oils in frying and cooking. Frying an egg, sunny side up is not that bad (although not great either), but boiling eggs where the egg yolk is liquid and discarding the whites are a better way since the white eggs are anti-nutrient as in blocks the absorption of lecithin, HDL, biotin found
in yellow egg yolk, which is seen as helpful to the liver from the lecithin content found in the yellow yolk portion.

Cheese is a form of hard fat, but diary products also lead to problems too. Avoiding peppermint oil added to toothpastes also reduces some skin problems and replaced them with baking soda and sodium carbonate as a tooth powder, or toothpaste powder if water was added to a pasty compound. It helps a little by adding some sea salt to further antibiotic properties of hyper osmolarity in the salinity of the toothpaste powder formulation.

Hopefully this might cover some of the cause of swollen eyelids from food causes and food allergies, and certain body imbalances of metabolic acidosis.


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