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Question by Anonymous

1. How much vitamin C. I now take 4000 mg per day (1000 mg 4 times a day) and have for years.

2. if I mix colloidal silver and tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil, do I drink it or apply it to sinus area or how do I use this If I drink it, How much I've been drinking just plain 60ppm Colloidal Silver 3 tblsp 2 times a day for several weeks now. I can't say that I've noticed any difference.

3. I do believe my sinus problem is fungus related. I have candida overgrowth and when I eat carbs, my sinuses get worse immediately. I use ozone to clean up the carpets and bad air, so would any of these remedies be preferred for fungus I like the vinegar idea and will buy some to try. Thank you again for taking your time to answer my email.
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Replied by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)

1. Vitamin C dosages you mentioned are O.K.

2. Colloidal silver, diluted tea tree and eucalyptus oil can be diluted an apply to sinus area. I have seen people do that.

Drinking that amount will not get any noticeable differences means your colloidal silver is yellow in color and not clear white and the dosage is not that much. But this is a small point. If it doesn't work, it implies that your sinus is not virus related. Yours might be fungus related. So you might just apply for sinus area is enough.

3. Yes, it would appear it is fungus related. If you have a candida you need a stronger medicine than colloidal silver. Many who have candida do have sinus problems later on. This might mean you had candida for some time, but not aware of it.

The most effective substances against candida that is anti-fungal is oregano oil, tea tree oil, thyme oil and lemongrass oil. You need to take it much more aggressively. I have no trouble taking them directly and it is very hot.

However, I am sure you could NEVER take them directly. Therefore the dosage is to take as much as possible 3 times a day. The strongest candida tested in vitro is wild oregano oil. However, prefer to add 2 drops oregano, 2 drops tea tree oil, and 2 drop thyme oil.

You may have to mix all these in water so it doesn't burn your tongue! This is an aggressive way to treat them. Fungus are the most stubborn to kill but is possible to destroy using the recommendations as research been shown this is the most effective substances known.

4. Yes, fumigate vinegar in air would help eliminate airborne fungus. While you are added mix in 1%-2% H2O2. Vinegar and H2O2 will not neutralize, it will combine into a yet more powerful, but relatively safe chemical (called peroxyacetic acid). You will feel the air is clean after fumigation.

Based on my recent experiments, it would really be helpful if you take sodium bicarbonate (1-2 teaspoon) every evening before you go to bed mixed with about 3/4 full glass of water. I think about 2-3 weeks would be enough. Of course if you are weak, or muscles aches, then you might do it again. This will be helpful in detoxification as well as put the body's alkalinity discouraging fungus growth.

Avoid taking too much fruit juice. Avoid completely milk and dairy products and try for gluten free diets. Certain sugars seems to encourage fungus growth. This is especially true if you have candida. If you do have candida consider drinking water with food grade H2O2 at 0.5% concentration regularly. It seems to work in detoxification and clears the liver of toxins. Helps with overall recovery, but not directly the sinuses.

Hope the information helps.


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