Allergies Since Purchase of New Home

Question by S on 09/09/2007

Thanks for your response TED. I really appreciate it. I started taking N-AcetylCysteine 2 weeks ago (600mg) twice a day, in hopes that it will help with allergies. But it has had no impact. I am also taking plenty of Vitamin C with it. Also started Vinegar steam. In the end, it seems like nothing is working. But I am continuing with NAC hoping it will eventually help. I am also taking ZINC Gluconate (50mg) intermittently, butno relief from symptoms. Looks like I just have to wait till the allergy season is over. Sometimes I feel defeated because of these allergies.

Replied by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)

If H2O2, vinegar or apple cider vinegar does not work, in which these will often neutralize the allergen toxicity by oxidizing or neutralizing, there is one common chemical that denatures the ragweed allergen Ra5, which is a strong tannic acid solution I used as aerosols to neutralize them or topical solution. The reason it has not been recommended is simply that tannic acid tends to cause staining problems (it turns to dark color in presence of any metal), and this is the last option.

The allergens can also be filtered in the home as an electrostatic filter to reduce them or a close alternative to denature them through at least reduced it by drinking strong green tea or other tea without milk or any sugar. Promegranate is very high in tannins that is one possible solution. Eating those might reduce some of this condition.


Replied by Stephanie (Salt Lake City, Utah) on 05/25/2008

We built a home 13 years ago and after we moved in, my body just started to shut down. Long story short, it turned out that I was allergic to the chemicals that were off-gasing from the new carpet and paint of these chemicals being formaldahyde that is apparently used in carpet factories. It caused so many problems in me that it got so I couldn't eat anything that didn't cause a reaction and I became very frail and thin. I finally found help from a Doctor in Las Vegas who embraces anything that works-not just scientific med's. I loved him. Anyway, I have no allergies at all save a slight allergy cats. Otherwise, I am strong and heathly- a far cry from someone who could'nt even get out of bed. I know there is help out there, good luck to you."

EC: We emailed Stephanie for more information about what her doctor prescribed....

05/25/2008: Stephanie responds: "It wasn't really just one thing. He gave me homeopathic remedies that were mixed specifically for me and I had to have them adjusted a few times, but he has a team of people there so I saw several specialists including a therapist. They addressed my problems in terms of the whole package and not just my allergy symptoms. In fact, I didn't know until then that it was allergies causing the problem, I just knew I was really sick. The local Doctors I had been to could not find anything wrong with me. They checked for diabetes and all sorts of problems but ruled them all out. I went to the clinic in Las Vegas when nothing else worked and I wasn't getting any better. I will be honest with you, it was not an overnight fix. I shed alot of tears throughout that experience. I had to make alot of sacrifices. I couldn't eat any fruit or anything packaged or bottled or that was preserved with a chemical. I couldn't eat wheat or anything that had yeast in it. I couldn't eat really anything except-let me, tofu, and certain veggies that were slightly steamed but never raw or they would make my throat itch horribly. I pretty much starved for a while and it was terrible for the first month or two, but it was better than feeling like my brain was "screaming" and having every muscle in my body become so weak that I couldn't stand up or make a fist. I was just 26 years old when that first started happening. Had we access to the internet back then, I would have had a wealth of information at hand that would have been invaluable in helping me to help myself. I think of how many years of suffering I went through before finding an answer. Now I just turn on the computer. I can't tell you what this site has done for me and my family and how much we have derived from it that really works. As for the allergies- I did homeopathics, allergy shots, nutritional support, thought field therapy, meditation, yoga and exercise, vitamin and mineral supplements and alot of crying and reflecting on my life until I was sick and tired of crying and reflecting on my life. I don't remember the exact day that I realized I was better. I know it took about three years of gradual improvement, but at some point during that time I was thinking about how long it had been since I had eaten a strawberry, and I decided I would be brave and try it. No reaction, so I introduced back more and more of the things that I had reacted to until one day I was back to normal again. I have never had an allergy since (except to certain cat's). I have learned alot about my own body because of that experience. I learned to set my own boundaries with food and stress and have learned how to be my own best friend when it comes to being in tune with my health. I hesitate to suggest any particular remedy, sometimes it is necessary to go for scientific medication when that is the answer. But I know that we were not put here on this earth to wander around in the dark. We have to look hard sometimes, but we have been given solutions.The thing that may help one person may not be the answer for another, but that is why there is never only one answer. I think with any situation, that what we need most of all is patience and hope. There is always hope if we choose it, and patience may have to be learned- but those two things together provide within ourselves an emotional starting point that is unsurpassed in healing any disease. A willingness to look at ourselves, our relationships, our lives, to love and forgive and to let go may not give us the perfect body or the perfect life, but it is the foundation for real joy and peace of mind which is, in my opinion, the definition of health.

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