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Question by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)

I have this little theory about recovering from sports injury, especially Karate (being subjected to a lot of bruises). Taking liberal amounts of vitamin C and vitamin B3 (only in the form of Nicotinic acid -another word for it is niacin).

Another overlooked one is the use of allantoin. But since allantoin is NOT SOLUBLE IN WATER, I used DMSO, which is also known to help sports injury. DMSO or Dimethyl sulfoxide is found in nature and animals are fond of drinking this stuff - they have an instinct to know what is good for them. DMSO will dissolve the allantoin and I have read that comfrey, whose main component is allantoin will help heal broken bones faster also, but you cannot take comfrey internally because it might be poisonous. A way around this is to add 30% allantoin to 70% DMSO, and put in 1/3 -1/2 teaspoon and mixed in your favorite fruit juice, say orange juice. This might help aid in the recovery of sport injury much faster.

The use of north pole magnets (using a very powerful neodymium magnets) will help reduce inflammation. South pole increases inflammation, so please take note to apply the correct one. To identify the north pole is to get a compass. If the north pointing compass points to your magnet. It means this side is north. So mark the positions accordingly. The idea is well accepted in sports area, but are not well accepted in conventional medicine. Sports people need results and the faster they heal, the faster they can compete.


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