Granddaughter Being Fed Too Much Sugar and Junk Food, Causing Add

Question by M. on 08/14/2009

Dear Ted,

I am writing this because my grandbaby drinks a lot of koolaid and she is starting to talk all the time. she is 2yrs.old she can't sit still. i keep telling her mom that the child need to stop giving her so much sugar, but she does not hear me. i am worried to death about my grand. i love her so much but my kid just keep giving it to her. she also gives her a lot of fried food fast foods. i keep telling her that the child is going to be sick from all that junk. it's like talking to a brick wall. i need help can you please e-mail what i need to give to her to start feeding the baby

i just started the acv & baking soda 2tablespoons 1/4 soda 3 x a day i also take 1/2 teaspoon C pepper with my 1st dose of acv and 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric with my green tea once a day i oil pull in the morning i have picked up a bottle of blackstrap mol. should i take it with acv & soda i just started doing all this 4 days ago for my HBP which is started coming down i also have low blood sugar my weight is 275. i am 5"10. i do have one problem i have diarrhea is that normal and what can i do for it and i can't sleep can you please help me with all these problems thank you so much Ted i love the web site i have turned a lot of my friends on to it keep doing what your doing GOD bless you

Replied by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/14/2009

A child can find this more tasteful. Most fruit drinks can be substituted, without damaging the blood sugar. Assumng most fruit juices the sugar content is 10%, if they were diluted to the ideal 2%, this has no effect on changes in blood sugar, since urinary sugar is rougly 1.5%. However, the body can deal with 4%, if it was followed by drinking water. So assuming a apple juice was drank, and it contains, 10% natural sugar - but it's sugar nevertheless! Given that we add water, say 1/2 glass of fruit juice plus 1/2 glass of water, the sugar content becomes 5%, which tastes more or less like Gatorade, which tastes nice, rather than being too sweet. However, if we put fruit juices say, 1/4 fruit juice 3/4 water, then the sugar contents becomes 10/3 = 3.3%, which has minimal effect on blood sugar. I think a safe zone is 4% NATURAL sugar found in fruit juices or less should be in safer zone, ideally 1.5% - 2% is what I aim for, if the child find this acceptable, which has virtually no effect on blood sugar. The fruit juice ideally should be 1/5 fruit juices, plus stevia, if that's possible to make up for the lost sweet in fruit drinks the child may find acceptable.

The danger of sugar are obvious, mineral deficiency, such as zinc and chromium. Lack of zinc lowers the immune system. Chromium deficiency causes hyperirritability, nearsightedness (which can be permanent), hypoglycemia, and ADD/ADHD. Prime cause of ADD for me is MMR vaccinations and frequent vaccinations which demyelinates from the endotoxins in those vaccines and other strange viruses I have never seen before, as well as the usual mercury, MSG, aluminum (which causes autoimmunity), etc.

The baking soda and acv helps, it makes the drink taste good and some fruit juices, ideally 2%, can make the drinks fizzy and the child may find that acceptable too. These deal with acidity issues and corrects the ORP (electrical charges) in the blood to be more normal, (more antioxidant) so is central to the basic health issue.

An old remedy to help sleep is between 1-2 tablespoon of honey with lemon in a glass of water. This should not affect blood sugar because of the low concentration when mixed in a glass of water and should not exceed 2% so it won't change the blood chemistry that much. In research studies they did 1-2 tablespoons of blood sugar to h elp sleep. The lemon is added because of the vitamin C. The problems of diarrhea could mean some chlorides (such as table salt or sea salt) is present along with baking soda, or that it was taken during meals. Therefore if baking soda was taken exceeding one or more hours, AFTER meal the dairrhea should go away. The HBP from some of my many observations were the prepared meats that when heated becomes peroxynitrites, which causes bloodprssure instability for days, before the baking soda and vitamin C can tame that. Actually I am currently investigating chlorophyll supplements to trap some of these free radicals.

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