Food Allergies

Question by L on 04/21/2008

Hi Ted, I haven't been able yet to read everything on your site.. However, I can say that I have noticed myself similar symptoms but not only with ice cream other processed foods.. It is very hard to live a life of no processed foods unless you just don't eat anywhere but home.. Especially pizza too! I was really thinking of finding a way to test for food allergies... My oldest daughter had reactions to food dye and she is 21 and that was when she was 1 1/2 years old. I will continue to read your site.. Thanks

Replied by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)


Prepared food are the major problems. I remember that American Indians were relatively diabetes free, until of course a supermarket is opened and within two years diabetes start coming. So even if we don't know where it is coming from, it it is certainly processed foods. Aspartame is the latest one found in processed and I read a woman was wrongly convicted of murder 50 years after her husband took sugar free Gatorade and Creatine. The aspartame in sugar free products and creatine is a deadly combination, it raises the blood methanol and formaldehyde so high enough to kill a person. Creatine causes retention in water in muscles, while aspartame breaks down into methanol and further more formaldehyde in presences of body enzyme, such as trypsin. Interestingly both sodium benzoate (which degrades to benzene) in acid medium such as Coke, methanol found in the blood after drinking, destroys the neural endocrine system, by causing metabolic acidosis, which in turn causes diabetes. Obviously any hydrocarbons, in particular the ones mentioned here, but this includes anti-knock cadmium (found in gasoline) goes and destroy the system too. This is why painters die early from thinner use and often have diabetes. The paint thinners destroy the neuroendocrine system, which controls the blood sugar.

Most allergy to food coloring is red food dye #2 (carmine or cochineal extract) comes from dried cochineal bugs in South America or Canary Island. There are hyperactivity, and other reactions from eating it.

The other problem is yellow food dye #5 tartrazine and blue dye #1, also have problems.

As to getting food allergy tests, there are many methods of finding food allergies, some are accurate some are not. One way to distinguish real information from disinformation by local authorities is to check whether the listed allergies you do know confirms their own tests or findings.

A conventional method of test is expensive through using patch test, but that's only if you DON'T know what they are. It is a lot easier, that I put on our own skin, or eat them one at a time to find out than go to the hospital to do the same thing and I can never afford their hospital bills.

A newer electro dermal scanning are fast, but to tell whether their system works or not is to double and triple check to see whether the response for each vials are the same - without the person knowing what the name bottle of vials are until the results are in. Interestingly. the electro dermal scanning can go through a large number of lists in a very short time, where conventional methods longer time.

There might be disinformation by the news lately that if you go through 5 or 6 different scanning services you get different allergy list and never the same.

The problem is different companies prepare different samples of the material, for example corn can have different species and varieties of the same plant. I have known one who is peculiarly allergic to a certain corn variety is a case in point. But a lesson here is if there is a problem if you buy some food from source A, go buy from source B.

The most common problem is fruits in UK and US for example all look nice, don't spoil because they are grown nutritionally deficient land, having only few nutrients so they look standardized. Obviously they can't spoil because bacteria can't thrive on few nutrients. So a case in point here is for me to buy from a small local food market, rather than the multi-billion dollar superstores, that sucks out local circulating currency from the community, sending food that are sanitized sterilized that it is no longer nutritionally healthy.causes a deficiency over time and that can result in a sort of sickness, that might even look as if we get sicker if we continue to eat them.

A pollen can come from any sorts of plants or flowers when they do prepare homeopathic samplings. Interesting, certain "authorities" make sure the results are completely destroyed by inadvertently putting cellular phones next to all the homeopathic samplings and the calling in or calling out, which creates microwave radiation completely destroyed it.

I had a chance to watch Randi's one million dollar reward to prove that homeopathic didn't work but the results were rigged, part of the test required that the homeopathic preparations was subject to a sort laser analysis, which even if our eyes were exposed we would go blind, the other thing is an untreated vials near a homeopathic samples were put next to each other.

For those who are familiar with homeopathic preparations, it is common for the vibrational energy fields to go from a homeopathic vials to an untreated one, when it is set for any length of time next to each other. In fact this is how I sometimes prepare a homeopathic remedies. This is because a prepared one will go to an unprepared one, while on the other hand two different homeopathic preparations do not flow into each other, because they have now an acquired vibration in each of the samples.' A manipulator to disprove homeopathic remedies know this and they do it to their advantage to disprove it. One easy way to skew the results is simply to make a homeopathic preparations and test on plant growth. It works everytime for me and my friends here. The treated plants grew much more then an untreated one and there's no placebo effect here, and this is even double blind test, in which I don't know it, and the person watering don't know, until after the results are in.

A simple way I have prepared a homeopathic preparation is to use the electric zapper into the water, shake it, use the water to planting, but not pour them all out, add more water, shake, and water the plant, and so on and so fourth. The results are always the same. I can go on forever telling of my experiments, but this is off topic.

Much of homeopathic medicine and electrodermal scanning works on the same principle as the biological systems responds to vibrational fields of certain preparations, and even in muscle testing (this is how dowsing works) and why certain ley lines below the bed can make you unhealthy depending on the bed po In fact electro dermal testing is a more specific form of muscle testing where the muscles responds to homeopathic vials. Interestingly, brainwave scans, using EEG responds similarly to them and a smell for example, even below threshold detections responds to them the same way as vibrational fields are picked up such as lay on healing or other energy field system. To deny them to exist, we have to deny that EEG doesn't exist and that's a difficult one to overthrow, so authorities simply ignore this issue, but in the future electro dermal scanning using EEG, or polygraph like methodology could be use to detect the body's compatibility of foods and other allergic response with greater speed. Interestingly it may be possible also to test whether certain homeopathic remedies work for you or against you just the same.


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