Dog Allergy Relief

Question by Elisa on 11/11/2007

I'm SUPER allergic to dogs, nothing I've taken in the past has helped. Is there a natural remedy I could take I'm going to be around a dog at Christmas for 2 days and would like to start something now to be prepared. Can you help

Replied by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)

This depends on what kind of allergic reaction you have on the dog, was it the sneeze or a skin reaction A skin reaction can be due to fungus, or allergens on the dogs from the ragweed, plants and grasses in which the dogs were exposed to on and stayed on its fur.

To reduce this, the dogs should be taken a bath, perhaps with saturated borax added to the 1% hydrogen peroxide. Drinking plenty of green tea will reduce some allergic reaction as the tannins may help reduce the allergen materials in the body


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