Daughter with Hearing Neurological Disorder

Question by Dawn (Holland, NY) on 10/29/2006

I have a question for Ted about ADHD. My daughter was diagnosed with a Hearing Neurological Disorder. I was told she would grow out of it but became frustrated because some days she was fine and others it seemed she couldn't understand anything anyone was saying. I decided to try your ADHD remedy and amazing improvements with hearing, behavior, etc... How long should she take the things you recommended (vitamin b6, TMG, selenium, zinc, probiotic) and stay on the no gluten, glucose and fructose diet Is there anything else she should take to strengthen her neurological functions Also she has never been vaccinated nor had fillings. Where we live now does have well water. Thank you so much your incite is wonderful!! Dawn

Replied by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)

Dear Dawn: Yes I have treated many ADHD before, and most that I am aware of are now normal adults. Therefore this question you pose is very important.

Ideally you should never give any supplements over 7 days and you should stop for about between 1-2 weeks depending on the kinds of supplements.

I have actually went so far as to calculated the optimum days dosage you should give to the child.

In general most supplements work the best if you give the child 3 days and do not give anything for 4 days.

There will be exceptions to this rule, fructose, ribose sugar, glucose, and high carbohydrate should always be avoided. This is long term! Avoid most fruit juices, with possible exception of lemon juice baking soda, where pH = 7.0 This is taken on once a day, but not necessarily everyday. Perhaps once every three days. Absolutely no gluten, regardless.

The vitamins and supplements in general are given 3 days on and 4 days off.

There are many more supplements that the ADHD will be helped, such as chinese parsley 1 -5 grams (once a week) as this will chelate out heavy metals. Once every two weeks iodine painting on feet, one feet, 2-3 square inches. This the iodine will displace heavy metals from the body and raise the body's immune system up.

Zinc is a special case supplement, preferably zinc acetate or zinc chloride, usually a child 12 mg and taken only once a week. Some parents insist they be given two times a day, but once a week to. Selenium works on same as zinc, but this I think 2-3 days once every week.

This is your discretion. Fish oil, cod liver oil, and evening primrose helps, taken only once a week too. L-Glutamine amino acid is a strange one, it causes the child to go hyper, but gets better by leaps and bound. Perhaps give the child that once a week. You can calm your child by taking a ten percent sodium thiosulfate solution - given only 3-6 drops in 1 glass of water. In cases the child becomes super hyper, 12 drops and this should help calm her down, but may cause a sudden loose stool, which is good as it allow the body to detox whatever toxin that is causing the problem.

The list for treatment of ADHD is endless, but this should be more than enough to keep you busy for at least a year!

Again, I haven't precisely calculate each supplement as accurate as i can make it on what days to take and what days not to take. But as a general rule of thumb is if the child starts getting worse after x days of supplementation, just stop if for at least a week. Certain supplements I have found to be nearly miraculous includes taking both L-pyroglutamate and hydergine together, but you can give your child only 3 days out of a week, every week. There might also be some tweaking such as 3 days out of a week once every other week.

ADHD has high toxic overload and this is why a rest period of no supplements are needed. These people need more than most people. The key is this tweaking that I discovered, as usual, by an accident.


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