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I have an 11 year-old daughter with ADHD. She no longer takes medication during the day, she has learned to compensate where needed although she has been taking Clonidine at bedtime so that she can go to sleep. Are there any herbs or over the counter meds that can replace this or train her to compensate in this aspect Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)

First you need to treat the cause. I got some amazing feedback of people with ADHD and it may not apply to you. Some got mercury amalgam in their tooth filings within hours after the dentist put them in. When the parents removed it the child recovered albeit very slowly or none at all. This child was unique, she was afflicted with ADHD/autism-like symptoms twice. The first was cured using 1/3-1/2 cup of chinese parsley taken every day for 20-30 days.

The second is to supplement the child with magnesium chloride (about 250 mg/day). These two will detoxify the heavy toxic metal buildup which strips the myelin sheaths in her brain which causes the condition. You will find some amazing healing in some cases. In the case of the child mentioned earlier, the symptoms was reduced within 5 hours, and within 5 days the child can read (actually less due to slow emails).

The issue of sleepiness, I found quite by accident in the need to detoxify the fluoridated AND chlorinated water we have been all drinking. Apparently fluoridated water helps cause heavy toxic metal to go through the blood brain barrier (my theory) and allowing heavy toxic metals in the brain.

As a result you need to detox the water for ever liter of water you drink with 1 pinch of borax. Borax will prevent fluoridated water from having any toxic affect with your body. The dechlorinator (usually in the form of sodium thiosulfate usually sold in pet shop store for fish tank aquarium) will prevent chlorine from reacting with your body.

What I found was totally unexpected, but was later scientifically proven is that the dechlorinator not only removes heavy toxic metals from your body, but also cause the child to sleep restfully!

Now the secret is to add 2 drops and continually add to up to 20 drops of dechlorinator in the drinking water until the child is relaxed.

Always start on the low side. This simple remedy will prevent you from causing the child to have any drug dependencies or possible side effect.

This is a more natural approach and it has worked amazingly well. You may expect the child's ADHD condition to improve within 2 weeks (usually faster). However, never forget to get her to take some 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda every night. This will alkalize and will increase the oxygen, and allows the brain to function and learn faster. Try it and see if it works. So far it has worked well in many cases.

P.S. Usually chelation therapy using oral EDTA helps remove the excess mercury responsible for it, which usually comes from the vaccine you take. Cilantro (chinese parsley) taken one week on and one week off will rid of mercury slowly. Finally taking multiple vitamin and mineral helps, but be wise and make sure they are relatively free of fillers such as tricalcium phosphates, calcium carbonate. Usually the softgels capsule are the best as it won't interfere with micromineral absorption.

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