Allergies Since Purchase of New Home

Question by S on 09/05/2007

Dear Ted: in spite of my health conciousness and healthy diet, I have been suffering from seasonal allergies for the past 6 years since we bought a new home. Both me and my husband are affected.

I am considering NAC for my allergies. Does it need to be supplemented with any other supplement. Also what do you think of Alpha Lipoic Acid and Biotin Would it be good to add to my regimen I am also struggling with premature gray hair and was hoping Biotin would be good to supplement.

In spite of supplementing with Vitamin C, b-complex, vitamin E and some cod liver oil, I am still confused why I am unable to get rid of my allergies. So far I have had no luck, but I really want to beat my allergies naturally.

I was enthusiastic about hydrogen peroxide, but for some strange reason, it constipates me, everytime I take it. I think I have to reduce my dosage. I took 2 drops of 35% h2O2 in a glass of water and got bloated and constipated.

I still have to look for Sodium thiosulphate as you mentioned. It is a reducing agent, which will reduce chlorine to Chloride. I am just wondering, if it will also reduce IODINE to IODIDE. Is that good or bad. Do we really need elemental Iodine or only IODIDE form.

Hope you get time to answer some questions. thank you so much


Replied by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)

Seasonal allergies and moving to new house seems to be a fungus problem and cleaning the house with borax may help.

Alpha lipoic acid and Biotin often helps with hair problem but also for gray hairs sometimes taking plenty of vitamin C helps too. Shampooing hair with borax may also help. Sometimes a fungus maybe eating up the melanin responsible for the gray hairs.

If hydrogen peroxide is constipating, it means the pH of the urine is not sufficiently alkaline enough which means it is below 6.5 and baking soda should be needed, and some potassium helps too.

Iodide form is the form the body uses, elemental form are more toxic.


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