Dreaming for L-Carnitine

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Matt (Millbrook, Ny) on 07/28/2012
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Both L-Carnitine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine definitely improve my ability to have vivid dreams, as well as to recall them. It works even if I take say 500 mg up to 15 hours before falling sleep. Not only that, but now when I wake up, I can go back to sleep and choose to continue the same dream I had woken up from, with the option of more consciously deciding what I'll do in the dream while I'm awake! I find it pretty incredible. I remember reading somewhere years ago that when you wake up and then fall back asleep, you're 48 times more likely to have a lucid dream........ Anyway, a definite YEA for Carnitine and Dreaming.
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Tess (Palm Beach, FL) on 11/10/2008
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Dreaming Remedy:

I started taking L-Carnitine (among other supplements) recently and around the same time started to recollect my dreams, about 3-4 a night instead of 1 every once in a while. I didn't make the connection until I stopped the L-Carn last week and almost immediately stopped being able to recall any dreams. I started up again last night and was able to remember 3 dreams this morning. I take 1 TBL on an empty stomach 3x a day.