L-Carnitine Health Benefits

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Lauded as a super-supplement, l-carnitine has such applications as amping up the fat burning process, fighting fatigue and relieving depression. However, that is not all the supplement can do. Taken as a regular supplement or even a periodic treatment, l-carnitine is effective for supporting general health and treating a variety of specific conditions.

What is L-Carnitine?

A naturally occurring amino acid, l-carnitine is a nutrient found in red meat as well as other natural sources. The nutrient is also produced naturally in the body. The nutrient is synthesized in specific areas of the body including the liver, kidneys and brain. Once produced, the body actively transports the nutrient to other areas of the body for use.

The nutrient functions in at least two fundamental ways in the body. L-carnitine aids in the transport of fatty acids in the body, which supports metabolic processing and neural development. The supplement also plays a role in supporting energy regulation with its direct ties to metabolic functioning.

Health Benefits of L-Carnitine

As it aids in the performance of such crucial processes, an adequate amount of the nutrient is vital. Most research suggests that individuals are able to naturally produce enough l-carnitine; however, some individuals do not produce enough of the supplement due to a genetic disorder, certain medication, or dietary choices.

The nutrient is often used as a supplement. The supplement is effective for individuals with genetic disorders, who are taking certain medication, or are undergoing certain medical procedures including hemodialysis. It is also an important supplement for vegetarians, restrictive dieters, and low-weight or premature infants.

L-carnitine is also used as a supplement for treating a host of conditions. The supplement can be used for conditions associated with the heart and cardiovascular system including chest pain, congestive heart failure, diphtheria, heart attack, circulation problems, and high cholesterol. The supplement also aids in treating certain muscle conditions, male infertility, Rhett syndrome, anorexia, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, overactive thyroid, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, leg ulcers, and Lyme disease. Many individuals use the nutrient as a supplement to support athletic performance and endurance as well.

As L-carnitine helps the body produce energy and carry out important metabolic processes, it is an important nutrient in any diet. It can also be used to treat a range of developed health conditions.

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