The Best Natural Sweeteners: Healthy Alternatives

Sweetness is not a sin! However, too much of a good thing can really cause havoc on your entire body and damage all aspects of your health. Some medical experts would even like to designate sugar as a toxin, in line with alcohol and tobacco! And people in the Earth Clinic community who have had their health and their lives turned upside down by Candida, Diabetes, Cancer, and other conditions that thrive on sugar would whole-heartedly agree.

Natural sweeteners, thankfully, are not all equal. Some natural sugar alternatives are much lower in calorie content and seem to have no discernible negative effects on human health, unlike the artificial sweeteners that so often metabolize into toxins within the body.

So what is your natural sweetener of choice, or what should it be? Check out our natural sweeteners forum for the community's view on whether stevia, honey, molasses, blue agave nectar, xylitol, or some other natural sugar alternative should be your sweetener of choice!

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List of Remedies for Natural Sweeteners