Natural Sweeteners for Agave

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Tootie (Georgetown, Cayman Islands) on 01/08/2010:
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I have no sugar in my house and over 30 years ago I threw out all white sugar when I read many reports of how bad it is for you health.. It is bleached for God's sake. Why would anyone want to put bleach in their bodies? Since turning to honey and maple surup I found I no longer had "spikes" in my blood sugar and fatigue also.

Now another product that I have found that is really good, no spikes, no fatigue and sweetens without much taste, is agave. Agave, a syrup, is made from a certain type of cactus and the South American Indians and Mexicans have been using it for decades. Just a little goes along way. No turning back from it.

EC: Unfortunately, some agave products have been found to contain maple syrup or corn syrup...

Read this October 27th article in the WSJ:

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