Lugol's Iodine for Ear Infection

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Diane (UK) on 10/19/2021:
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Oh gosh, I just tried this, only 2 drops of Lugol's 15% neat into my ear that has been itching me all day, and it burned like hell! The pain actually made me vomit!
I almost ended up in the hospital, the ambulance service advised me to flush with water for 20 minutes, which I did and it brought the burning pain down somewhat, but I was worried I'd caused real damage.

I can't believe they would inflict this on children. My advice, do not use Lugol's neat in the ear.

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Paul (Cortlandt Manor, NY) on 01/07/2021:
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I tried Jacquelin's method as well as a single drop neat, without any success at all. It appears that as I have stenoptic ear canals, any form of even slight inflammation, closes the ear completely.

The only treatment which seems to work for me, is diced/crushed Onion-juice into the canal & plugged with cotton-wool, overnight but sometimes, even that doesn't work!

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Jacqueline (Devon, Uk) on 09/25/2015:
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Hi there,

I used to get horrendous ear infections a few years ago. After 3, ineffective, courses of antibiotics and 4 months of near complete deafness, pain and tinnitus, I decided to use my Lugols 7%. that I had used orally a year or so previously.. I got an old eye dropper and cleaned it out with boiling water. I filled it 1/4 full of Lugol's and the rest with the boiled, cool water. I put 3 drops, into the ears 3 times a day for the next 4 days. The pain vanished completely, my hearing returned and the noises went away, never to return.

I got the idea to try this from reading a clinical trial conducted on children in the remore African bush, obviously far from the nearest doctor. They administered the Lugol's neat, and 10 drops a day, but I thought that sounded a bit harsh, so adapted down. They had complete resolution of ear infections, even supporating inner ear infections; they all went away - the trial must still be on the internet somewhere.

Hope this has been helpful. I know that if I ever get a painful ear again, I won't be going to the doctor, I'll sort it myself.

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