Cloves Health Benefits

Clove Health Benefits

Cloves have long been trusted as a source of natural remedies for many ailments. The clove's strong flavor actually includes anesthetizing components that are used commercially to soothe toothache and other pains. However, the cloves you have at home can do the job just as well or better!

Ordinary kitchen cloves, a strong spice that once helped drive the spice trade to the West Indies, is not only delicious but also has antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities. They have been used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine for fungal infections, digestive ailments, and respiratory conditions.

Natural Remedies: Tooth pain is the first natural home remedy cloves can offer, but chewing on cloves can also cure other oral pain including sore throats. Cloves are further said to help indigestion and bad breath.


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List of Remedies for Cloves