Cayenne Pepper for Sluggish Digestion

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Vee (Sheridan, Wy, Usa) on 09/22/2014:
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Cayenne Pepper helps my sluggish digestion. I have episodes that last for weeks sometimes where it seems as if my digestive system just stops. It causes tremendous stomach discomfort in the middle of the night, no matter how many hours it has been since I last ate (the problem is exacerbated by laying down). So, needless to say, I have many sleepless nights being awakened by a burning, bloated stomach. Lately I have been taking 1 capsule of 100,000 Heat Units Cayenne pepper after my last meal. From things that I have read, I decided to open the capsule and put half in a small glass of warm water with honey, then swallow the half-filled capsule. It has done wonders for my stomach discomfort and has allowed me to have very restful sleep. I believe it is helping the digestion process. I really don't know what my digestive problem is, but the cayenne pepper makes my stomach feel great and actually normal for a change.

ADVICE WHEN DRINKING CAYENNE PEPPER POWDER IN WATER: do not inhale as your bring the glass to your mouth unless you want to really clean out your sinuses! Cheers to all who are taking charge of their own, and their loved ones, health.

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