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Colloidal Silver for Ringworm

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Heidi (Georgia) on 08/23/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I agree totally with the idea of collodial silver for ringworm. I make my own by the quarts and use it on both chihuahuas who were eat up with ringworm! We have been through hell with this for 5 years. I just put it into a spray bottle and spray them several times a day and then use medicated body powder on top of it and they are quickly recovering! Nothing seems to work for them except collodial silver spray and I have tried everything! I put an e-collar on them to keep them from licking themselves. As for myself, I have been to 10 doctors and I have gotten no help! It seems that they all want to diagnose me with everything but the ringworm so I have suffered a lot of pain and anxiety! I read somewhere online about fungal infections being a 10 million dollar business for the pharmaceutical companies! I now understand why they don't to help me because it is a big money maker....so sad for the people out there like me that have to suffer and receive no help.
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Bernadette (Chicago, Illinois ) on 04/06/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I adopted a feral cat with FIV. Within about 6 months he contacted ringworm from the carpeted hallway in my apartment building, which he likes to explore. My other cat also got it, and I applied apple cider vinegar a few times and he got better. My feral cat would not let me near him with apple cider vinegar, nor could I bathe him. His entire belly was scaly and bald and red, while his nipples looked extremely irritated. I bought some colloidal silver and sprayed it about 10 or 20 times into his wet food daily. After less than a month his hair started growing back and the itching and irritation subsided significantly. I did have to lower his doses because he developed nausea. Although all of his hair hasn't grown back yet after about three months, he is essentially cured.


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