Epiphora (Tearing) Remedies

Do you have a pet who always seems to be crying?  Well, maybe not exactly crying in the sense that someone would if they had been hurt in some way, but certainly in a way that causes the animal to constantly have runny or weepy eyes?  If so, your pet may suffer from a condition called epiphora.  This type of problem is most noticeable on pets with a white coat, as the excess tears tend to stain around the eye area. 

Epiphora happens when there is insufficient drainage of tears from the eye and is sometimes caused by the tear ducts located next to the nose becoming blocked.  Most commonly affected are those breeds of animals who have flat-faced features such as a Persian cat or a Pug dog.  Additionally, toy breeds (such as poodles), and large dogs with droopy eyelids (such as certain breeds of hounds) are more susceptible to the problem than what other dogs might be.

Although this is not generally a serious condition, it can cause a certain amount of discomfort to your pet and you may often see them trying to paw at or wipe away the excess tears on their own.  Administering oral dosages of Euphrasia is a natural treatment and should help you to be successful in easing some of the discomfort and anxiety your pet may be experiencing as a result of those excess tears.

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List of Remedies for Epiphora (Tearing)