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Filtered Water for Epiphora (Tearing)

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Yvonne (Lancaster, Pa) on 01/17/2010:
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We have a 4 yr.old male maltese and he has very bad tearing/staining from his eyes. I have given him filtered water and/or distilled water since he was a puppy but it has not seemed to help. I never give him tap water. This is in reply to the posts about the filtered water. Does anyone have a similar experience? This has been a problem for 4 years. Thanks!

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Deirdre (Atlanta, GA) on 01/07/2009:
5 out of 5 stars

My friend Sam from Marietta, GA called me the other day to tell me about his 2 year old dog, a bishon frise, who had ongoing discharge from her eyes, causing her white fur to turn dark brown (as is common with that breed). Apparently they started putting their extra bottled water in the dog's water bowl instead of tap water. Within a few days they noticed that she was no longer having a discharge from her eyes. Another 2 weeks of bottled water and the fur around her eyes was back to its beautiful white. To make sure it was really the bottled water curing her of this issue, Sam switched back to tap water. Immediately the dog started having the same goopy discharge from her eyes. We think it's either chlorine or fluoride in the tap water causing the problem, perhaps both.
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