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Natural Pet Remedies for Cats

Modified on Feb 04, 2024

Cats are generally thought of as rather low-maintenance pets, able to take care of themselves for the most part--and generally preferring it that way! However, even the healthiest cats are threatened by a variety of potential ill-health conditions, particularly later in life.

Cystitis, cat acne, fleas, ticks, FIV, bald spots, mites, and ear issues are just the start of a long list of common conditions that might afflict your pet.

Fortunately, Earth Clinic is happy to provide a wide-ranging discussion of home remedies for various cat disorders. You may also want to look at:
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Apple Cider Vinegar for Cats

Natural Pet Cures for Your Cat:

As with their human owners, apple cider vinegar is often a popular remedy for cat ailments of several kinds. Cats will often take a small dose added to their food or water (try one if your cat rejects the other).

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