Voice Issues

Modified on Dec 26, 2023

Are you suffering from a vocal cord disorder or have otherwise lost your voice? Do you suffer from acute or enduring voice issues? Certain home remedies can help soothe inflamed vocal folds and throat tissues so that you can get your normal voice back.

Singers in particular often have a treasure trove of various folk remedies for restoring a lost voice or repairing a sore throat or vocal folds. Some of these home remedies can be effective, some of them can do more harm than good.

Home Remedies: Hydration, especially with warm beverages, should be your first step to restore your voice. Honey, vinegar, and cayenne are traditional home remedies for both soothing and stimulating a sore throat or inflamed vocal tissues. For long-term or developing vocal issues such as the loss of speech that can come with Parkinson's, speech therapy and certain vocal exercises can strengthen the throat and mouth so as to improve vocal performance.

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    List of Remedies for Voice Issues