Apple Cider Vinegar for Voice Issues

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Debi (Scranton, Pa) on 06/10/2011:
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I want to thank everyone for recommending Apple Cider Vinegar and Neti Pot for curing sinus infection. The unexpected bonus was helping me with a voice disorder/problem that I had since 2005. I would lose my voice for months at a time (sounding like Minnie Mouse) and get it back for a week or two. I went to 3 different ENTs and was told something different each time I went. Diagnoses ranged from a mental problem to getting the wrong kind of voice therapy. I have sinus/allergy problems since I was a child and tried taking OTC medications at the recommendation of my family Doctor for my Laryngitis but it never helped. I even tried Acid reflux meds. Nothing helped until this past March when I went online to look for a natural cure for a sinus infection I had, 2nd one in two months. I hate taking antibiotics. Never in my wildest dreams did I think Apple cider Vinegar would help my voice!!! I have had my voice for 11 weeks now and still counting!!! The longest I've had it since 2005!!! I take APV at least once a day, up to 3 times when I have a allergy/sinus problem and still have a voice!!! Thank you again! It's so great to talk normal again!!!
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Zephyr (Chicago, IL) on 04/23/2009:
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I tried 2 tsp of unfiltered cider vinegar in 12 oz. of water 3 times a day because I was losing my voice, or at least finding it difficult to force out a high-pitched rasp, by mid-day every day. It worked immediately, even allowed me to speaker at a lower pitch than normal. But I've been doing it for two weeks, and the effect is wearing off. Maybe I'll try using it on and off.
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