Pink Eye Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

Pink eye, or more formally, viral conjunctivitis, can be painful and a nuisance! Whether the cause is viral or bacterial, natural remedies work fast and are inexpensive. Some simple home treatments for pink eye include black tea, apple cider vinegar, and honey.

Always treat both eyes with whichever remedy is chosen!

10 Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

1. Black Tea

Black tea bags are soothing and effective for infected eyes. Take two tea bags and place them in a coffee mug. Pour a two tablespoons of very hot water onto the tea bags. When the tea bags have cooled to about body temperature, squeeze the excess water out of the tea bags and hold one tea bag onto each closed eye for 2-5 minutes. Use this remedy 2-4 times a day. This is a convenient remedy to take to work. In a pinch, run hot water over a tea bag and apply for a minute for some instant relief during the day.

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List of Remedies for Pink Eye