Eliminate Artificial Sweeteners for Meniere's Disease

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Jeanette R (Midwest City, Ok) on 09/08/2017
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I am a diabetic and had recently had a flare-up of elevated sugars due to a round of hi-dose steroids. I also have Meneire's Disease and the steroids were to try to control the vertigo I experience from the disease. I started a diet in April of this year (2017) and started drinking water with Crystal Light packets mixed in it. Not long after, maybe a month, I started having vertigo spells like I had never experience before! One dropped me right to the ground, and several made me throw up immediately. They were the most horrible vertigo spells I have had to date. I went to see a nutritionist to discuss the diabetes and diet and had one of those spells while sitting with her. She did some research while I was suffering and found out that Crystal Light has aspartame in it. On further research, she found some information on just how bad aspartame is and a correlation to people that already experience vertigo. I immediately stopped drinking water with those packets and switched to a different water enhancer and almost immediately had a cessation of those horrible vertigo spells! I do still have some vertigo, guess I always will with Meneire's, but it is so much easier to take without the aspartame poisoning. I look over the labels now of everything I eat to check for it and avoid it like the plague! Plus I have informed my friends and coworkers to avoid it also. Thank the good Lord for my nutritionist - I feel like she saved my sanity.
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Ga_bass (Atlanta, Ga) on 05/01/2013
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Reporting I cured myself from vertigo in 2010 it's now 2013. Simply eliminating aspartame. Still not one episode. HOWEVER, IF THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU there lies a bigger problem, ask your doctor to check for Gliosis. Scarred brain tissue and early signs of MS. A friend was recently diagnosed.
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Ga_bass (Atlanta, Ga) on 12/29/2011
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I am glad and thankful to report as of 12/29/2011 going into a new year 2012. Not one sign of vertigo, not one symptom of dizziness, not one trip to the doctor re: dizziness since I have eliminated aspartame from my diet. The companies are aware that the consumers are now aware of aspartame, so now they have changed the name of aspartame. Please, Please read the link provided, please please update yourself on all the names used for aspartame and artificial sweetners. I urge you to tell all you can.
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Susan (Sarnia, Ontario) on 06/25/2011
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Eliminate artificial sweeteners. The slightest amount of aspartame will cause me to spend the next full day with such a severe vertigo attack that I cannot get out of bed without walking into the walls and very severe nausea . It did not take me long to make the connection as I do not use aspartame on a regular basis. A friend told me about aspartame poisoning. Some people just cannot metabolize this chemical.
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Ga_bass (Atlanta, Ga) on 03/04/2010
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Eliminate Aspartame and sugar free foods and drinks. I realized after reading a article regarding aspartame on EC was linked to lupus and other aliments. I came to the conclusion it caused my Vertigo. I was overdosing on the stuff daily without being aware of it. I began drinking coffee at work with artificial sweetners 1-2 cups daily, had a diet soda with my lunch, then would drink energy drinks, chewing sugar free gum. ALLLLLL contained aspartame. Once I took that out of my diet and started paying more attention to the labels on the products I consume. Its one year later still no signs of vertigo.