Food Addiction Remedies

Just like an addiction to drugs, food addictions are very real and difficult to cure. The consumption of food creates glucose spike and a chemical reaction, which stimulates the "feel good" section of the brain. A food addiction builds on itself, resulting in the need to eat more to satisfy the body with each food binge.

When a person is addicted to food, they tend to eat quickly or frantically and overeat to the point that they are uncomfortably past feeling full. Some who are addicted to food will not overeat in one meal, but they will graze continuously throughout the day. That makes calories add up very quickly. Food addiction can lead to obesity, but not all those who are overweight or obese have a food addiction.

Food Addiction Remedies

Again, like any other addiction, there are food addiction cures. Drinking plenty of no-calorie beverages throughout the day will help knock the need to eat. One or two glasses of cold water before any meal or snack helps the body feel full more quickly. That will create a weaning effect that will teach the brain to be happy with less food again. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is ideal, but black coffee or unsweetened herbal tea are low-calorie alternatives to sugar-filled soda pop or juice.

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List of Remedies for Food Addiction