Tick Remedies & Tips for Removing Ticks

Have you or your pet been bitten by a tick? Anyone walking through woods, fields, or even your own backyard can be bitten by a tick and later find the parasite embedded in your skin. Fortunately, a few natural home remedies can help you to remove the tick without causing a further infection or pain.

CAUTION: With any tick bite, you need to be cautious that the tick was not infected with Lyme Disease. Watch for the characteristic bullseye appearance of the wound site to develop. If it does, seek immediate treatment.

The basic tick removal option is to gently pull the body of the tick out with a pair of tweezers applied as near to the skin as possible. But you need to be careful not to leave the tick's head beneath the skin, as this will increase the risk of infection, and TICKS TRANSMIT A NUMBER OF DISEASES.

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List of Remedies for Tick Bites