Tic Remedies

Tics are so upsetting, especially if a child is suffering from them, that home remedies are tirelessly sought. Tics may disappear with no treatment, but can also become chronic. A magnesium deficiency, which can be treated with a supplement, may cure the tic. Homeopathic medicine is another safe, non-invasive alternative cure. Finally, dietary triggers, if found and eliminated, can also prevent the tics from occurring.

What are Tics?

Tics are involuntary and repetitive movements related to distinct muscle groups; the tics can be motor tics (eye blinking or twitching) or vocal (involuntary sounds, words or throat clearing). The exact cause is unknown, but may be triggered in the brain by abnormal neurotransmitters. There is also a link to stress and sleep deprivation. Many tics are temporary, but chronic tics can indicate Tourette’s Syndrome.

Natural Remedies for Involuntary Movements

Many natural cures for tics were discovered when searching for a cure for Tourette’s Syndrome. Magnesium proved to be effective as part of a treatment program. Homeopathic remedies offered a solution to the involuntary movements for many who relied upon that alternative treatment. Searching and eliminating a dietary trigger or candida problem can eliminate the tic.

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List of Remedies for Tic