Teeth Grinding Cures

While it may seem like a relatively mild condition, teeth grinding can actually cause serious health issues and should be treated as quickly as possible. In addition to dental treatment, you should also consider natural cures, such as vitamin B5, magnesium, and calcium.

What Causes Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding, or bruxism as it is called professionally, is a condition in which your grind, gnash or clench your teeth. Mayo Clinic suggests that the condition can be an unconscious clenching throughout the day or a subconscious grinding at night. In some cases, the grinding is mild and does not actually require treatment; however, in more severe cases, which are common, jaw disorders, headaches, and even damaged teeth are often the result.

While doctors don’t actually completely understand the condition or its cause, different physical and/or psychological issues may be to blame. Some of the most commonly suggested causes include anxiety, stress, suppressed anger, frustration, aggressive personality, abnormal alignment of your teeth, other sleep problems, pain from an earache, complication from other diseases or disorders, or even psychiatric medication.

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List of Remedies for Tooth Grinding