Stiff Neck Natural Remedies

6 Natural Remedies for a Stiff Neck

If you have ever woken up with a stiff neck, you know the dread that fills your mind as you wonder how you will accomplish the tasks for the day. Fortunately, natural remedies like apple cider vinegar and castor oil packs can help reduce pain and restore your neck function in a timely manner.

A stiff neck is usually caused by a muscle injury or spasm. Another common cause of a stiff neck is sleeping the wrong way. Of this is called a “crick in the neck.” In rare cases a stiff neck is caused by meningitis. If your stiff neck is accompanied by fever, chills, malaise, vomiting or nausea, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Even with these natural remedies below, take it easy as your stiff neck loosens up to avoid re-injury.

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List of Remedies for Stiff Neck