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Natural First Aid for Snake Venom

Most North American snakes aren't poisonous, and the majority of snake bites that occur are non-venomous. Venomous North American snakes can be fairly easy to recognize: aside from the red-yellow-black coral snake, North American venomous snakes are pit-vipers and can be identified by their triangular head and depression (dent or pit) between the eye and nostril on either side of the head.

If bitten by a snake it is best to remain calm, remove any jewelry in case of swelling, keep the bite at or below your heart, cleanse the wound but do not flush it out with water (which will spread the venom faster), immobilize the affected area (arm or leg) to keep venom from spreading, and do not attempt to capture the snake that bit you, but remember its details. Seek immediate medical attention if the area swells, changes color, or is painful.

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List of Remedies for Snake Bite