Slow Metabolism Remedies

Treating the symptoms of a slow metabolism requires a balanced approach that incorporates lifestyle changes as well as natural supplements. Increasing one’s activity level, getting an appropriate amount of sleep each night and eating a balanced diet can naturally increase one’s metabolism. Likewise, several supplements improve the metabolism.

What is a Slow Metabolism?

Metabolism is a term used to indicate the process by which the body converts food and drink into energy. The body needs energy even at rest for completing activities including breathing, maintaining blood circulation and repairing cells. Several factors contribute to an individual’s basal metabolic rate or number of calories the body uses for basic functions. These factors include body size and composition, sex and age.

If the metabolism is functioning at a lower rate than normal, the condition is described as slow metabolism. A slow metabolism can be attributed to several factors: diabetes, unproportional fat to muscle ratio, lifestyle factors, conditions such as hypothyroidism and genetics. Slow metabolism is generally characterized by several symptoms as well. Common symptoms include gaining weight more easily than losing, inability to lose weight in spite of rigorous exercise, increased fat deposits, increased cellulite, dry skin and hair and sugar cravings.

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List of Remedies for Slow Metabolism