Vibration For Sinus Drainage for Sinus Infections

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Morninglaurie (Michigan) on 02/27/2023
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I discovered this by accident?washing my face in the shower with an oscillating face brush. I had a terrible sinus infection, nothing was helping. I tried almost all of the other things posted here?2 weeks flat on my back. So after running hot water over my face, used the face brush, and accidentally crushed the bristles so that the backer was against the corner of my nose and felt the urge to sneeze as it vibrated. Interesting. So I crushed the bristles under my cheekbones and just let it vibrate. Moved it around..a little at a time, letting it vibrate each time for maybe 30 seconds. Didn?t realize it because I was already wet, but my nose started running. When I discovered it, I reached out of shower for a Kleenex, and blew?.infection.

Oh my gosh it was finally moving. And my head no longer felt like it was ready to explode. So after that every few hours, I wrapped the bristles in a cloth so as not to scratch, and after heating my face with a warm rice pack, I would vibrate my sinus cavities. Every time I was able to blow out infection.

Now, I am still using the neti pot also with povidone iodine, Grapefruit seed extract and xylitol and now that is helping to rinse out mucous (hadn?t touched it before). Still draining a few days later, but I am not coughing after sleeping where the drainage settles in my airway, and am feeling almost human again. Will be ordering a silicone face cleaner/massager that vibrates so the bristles wont be an issue.

I have tried almost everything, including pressure points and massage, cayenne pepper drinks, honey, cider vinegar, sage tea, peroxide, povidone iodine, GSE, xylitol in the neti pot, etc. with no success. I used to be able to forestall an infection if I used the neti pot as soon as I could feel one coming on, but that no longer stops an infection for me. I don?t see a lot of research out there?.wondering if I do this on a regular basis will it keep sinuses open?

I hope this helps someone out there..

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