Onion and Carrot Juice for Sinus Infections

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Shirley (Inverness, Scotland) on 04/28/2007:
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I have has the worst sinus infection since january, had antibiotics 4 times, tried every cure under the sun, i had read about onion juice and another said carrot juice so thought, well i will give them both a try together. i cannot believe within an hour of drinking them the pressure had gone, the onion juice i got by boiling a heap of onions until soft mash them then sieve them, i bought carrot juice but now juice my own, am still drinking it and i think i will have at least one cup of this a day for ever , it actually tasted quite nice which surprised me, i also add tomato juice just for a bit of flavour, and sometimes when boiling the onions i put in a couple of cloves of garlic, next stop for me was the hospital, but what i believe is, there are a lot of cures and only one will work for you, but which one?
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