Lemon or Lime Juice Snorted for Sinus Infections

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Rob (Kentucky) on 08/14/2021:
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Snorting lime or lemon juice to get rid of a sinus infection. Painful for a couple of minutes, but worked perfectly. Lemon/lime juice is anti-septic, anti-bacterial, fungal and viral. Some people use juice from the store in a bottle. I prefer fresh from citrus fruit.

It stings less when you dilute the lemon juice (or lime) with distilled water. But, most people say it works better full strength.

It’s very simple to do. Squeeze out one teaspoon of lemon or lime juice into a spoon. Close off one nostril with your finger and snort up the juice in the spoon in the other nostril. Right after you do this you will have the feeling that you snorted a “blow-fish” up in your head. The pain only last a minute or two.

It worked for me. Cleared up the sinuses immediately.

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Video: Sinus infection (lime juice)


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